Boston Cohort

The Boston Cohort of Kesher Shir is comprised of eight cantors and singer/songwriters/musicians. Upon first meeting in the fall of 2013, most of the eight did not know each other, though they lived in the same community (including New Hampshire). The group spent a little over two years together in three three-day retreats, and three shorter day and half long visits with each other. In these three years the group studied texts, composed in various pairing combinations, and created meaningful relationships which still are fruitful today. In our last meeting in January of 2016, the group spent time in the studio recording eight of the dozen melodies they composed, workshopped and tweaked over three years together. The group presented a workshop at Limmud Boson 2014 and received wonderful feedback and interest from the larger community to grow their work. This cohort continues to share with each other, travel to each other’s communities, and is working to develop lasting programmatic and musical offerings based on the Kesher Shir model, in the wider Boston community for more participants. Each cohort has its own organic personality, and we are delighted to watch the Boston cohort’s success and are looking forward to seeing what comes next.