Kesher Shir brings together Jewish musicians from a variety of backgrounds and stages in their work, to study, compose, build relationships, and challenge the status quo, in order to foster lasting musical change in communal prayer. The venture’s focus is collaboration between singer-songwriters and cantors, particularly around the creation of new musical forms for contemporary synagogue worship.


Why Kesher Shir

Many of us lack engaging Jewish worship experiences. We seek meaningful music in prayer and look to our musical leadership to provide it. Yet cantors who lead congregations, and singer- songwriters who compose and travel to different communities, rarely work creatively together. As a cantor and a songleader, I know that these two communities are silo-ed in their work but crave opportunities to study, connect, compose, and grow in their sacred missions.

Kesher Shir will build relationships in various cities through text study, creating partnerships which foster the composition of new material, allowing us to re-vision how music can be more meaningfully integrated with liturgy and transformative worship, inside and outside the synagogue walls, for diverse populations and musical sensibilities. By bringing diverse groups of musicians together in informal retreat settings to share, teach, learn and compose new Jewish music, the entire Jewish community will benefit.

Based on a three year model, new cohorts of participants will be transformed by being in meaningful relationship with those who are in the trenches with them, will create more depth in their own work, and will be equipped with greater resources and a fuller tool-belt of styles and forms to offer their communities.

-- Cantor Rosalie Boxt